Universal MRZ Reader

Read ANY ID Card, Passport or driving license issued under the ICAO Standard

Data automation

Automate manual data entry by scanning an ID and quickly populating the fields of an electronic form

Speed up check-in

Speed up the guest’s data entry & increase the efficiency of the front desk personnel

Positive customer experience

Promote positive customer experience by

providing the best service and the fastest check-in process

Accurate data

Reduce the chance of human errors by

eliminating typos and keystroke errors



Software for automatic reading and entering data from the Passports and ID Cards into the hotel PMS

Free installation

Free remote installation and configuration of the software, and training for operating the device

Free support

Free support and warranty of the device for the first year of purchase

Free updates

Free updates for newer versions of the PMS, or in legislative changes

Free reinstall

In case of replacement or reinstalling the computer (the license is for the reader, not for the computer)

Hot line support

Phone, email, remote desktop – up to 12 h.;
remote troubleshooting – up to 24 h.


ID Box One + MRZ InputPro supports all documents issued by more than 100 different countries, which use the ICAO standard. These are ID cards, all international passports, driving licenses, resident permits, some Visas and more.

Here is a full list of the supported personal documents, and we are constantly updating it:


Where I can use the ID Box One + MRZ InputPro:

Security Solutions

Take charge in your company’s security. Know your customers and visitors and eliminate any potential threat.

Age Verification

Data Automation

Collect customer data with a single scan of an ID and by eliminating lengthy paperwork.


Download the latest version of STS MRZ InputPro